Brake shake

I have a 2003 Lexus Rx 300. Last year I had new brakes and I think the rotors were worked on. I also got new tires on all 4 wheels. I have noticed a shake when I brake, mostly from high speeds. I just had the tires rotated and the shake is still there. Any ideas? Is this serious?

i don’t think its that serious but it definatlly needs to be fixed. it might be your rotor could be warped… maybe have it turned…

If the rotors were “worked on” last year, it is likely that they were turned or machined, and are probably too thin at this point to be machined again. Unfortunately, a machined rotor becomes prone to becoming warped again, simply because it is thinner than it was previously.

More than likely, the OP will need to have the rotors replaced in order to eliminate the problem.

Brake shake as described is most often due to one or more warped rotors.