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Car alarm for Lexus SC430

I have a Lexus SC430, year 2003. Yesterday it was broken into. Someone took a hammer or something hard and totally smashed the side window to steal my belongings. Many people come and go in this lot. I noticed that my doors were still locked, and probably the alarm did not go off. Why? I thought the entire car would be wired???

Probably the alarm DID go off. And ran through its cycles and shut down again. They’re designed to do that so that if they go off in the middle of the night they don’t stay on until the battery runs out or the neighbors set fire to the car, whichever comes first.

You can test the system yourself. Try to pull the locked door open. If the alarm goes off, it’s working. You may want to read the directions in the owner’s manual first on how to shut it off. Or your neighbors may retaliate.