Vue alarm goes off on cold nights, interior lights & locks

Hello! I have a 2007 Saturn Vue. When the temperature drops below 40 degrees at night my alarm will go off. I stop the alarm then lock the car and it goes off again. It wont go off if the car is unlocked. In the morning I turn the car on and let it idle for a few minutes before leaving. The interior lights will stay on and the door locks will not lock. It is not until about 5-6 minutes down the road will the lights turn off and the doors lock. Here’s the thing, lights & locks will correct itself SOONER if the heat is aimed at the floor verses aimed at the windshield or at your face. ALSO I have a problem with the sunroof leaking ( I’m getting fixed) which I think that ties into my problem. It seems to me as if some wiring is getting frost on it and when I turn the heat on full blast on the floor it ‘thaws/dries’ it out and starts to work again. I’m tired of waking up to my alarm going off and I’m tired of driving in the dark with my interior lights on. Whats wrong with it and what is the cheapest way to fix it? PLEASE HELP!

Electronic gadgets can fail when the temp is cold. My telephone answering machine locks up and stops working on cold nights for example. I have to turn it off and on to get it to work again. I expect the alarm electronics are under the dash, so aiming the heat down there will warm that area up faster.

This would be unusual behaviour for a car alarm though. Did the alarm come with the car new, as a Saturn option? Or was it added later?

it came installed in the car as a Saturn option. well maybe it’s not so much an option but on the car when i bought it.

What if you simply had the alarm gadgetry removed from the car by a mechanic with Saturn expertise? It wouldn’t wake you up then at least.

My Suburban had that problem-it turned out to be the door switch wasn’t pushed in far enough when the door was closed in cold weather. Try putting several layers of tape where each door switch contacts the body.