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Make America Green Again I am not a poster child

So I put the “Make America Green Again” sierra club bumper sticker on my back window of my SUV, now thinking how does anyone know I only use 5 gallons of gas per week in my suv, and ride my bicycle to work at times, and wife says prepare to get shot, and I am that is your gain I have great life insurance, cognitive dissonance at its finest I guess.

If anyone asks about it, just tell them your story. If they don’t believe it, that’s their problem, not yours.


I find the irony of your bumper sticker hilarious. I would get a great chuckle out of it if I saw it. It would make my day if I saw it.

Oddly the folks that would get the most upset are the exact ones you were trying to identify with by placing it in your SUV! More irony!


Well, you could be using 2…


Actually, America and the world are greener than ever. I read that grain stocks are bulging everywhere (my theory) thanks to increased yields from higher CO2 levels.

Simply explain that SUVs on average put out more CO2 than smaller vehicles and CO2 contributes to the greening of the earth. Insightful pointed this out in a different sort of way.

So if you want the earth to be greener, you need to drive your SUV more… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I did plant a tree, surely my next vehicle will be something smaller and more efficient, as the new rav4 will be the take the dogs to the cabin vehicle and do a uhaul PickemUpTruck to put the boat in and out as the 03 trailblazer with 180k miles is not something me the wife, 2 dogs and a ton of crap want to have to worry about if it fails on the 550 mile trip one way. Trailblazer did 2 round trips this year, but thinking it has done it’s service, and time to hang around he pasture.

I remember the first Earth Day. We were all so proud of ourselves (of course as our parents slaved away and grew their large gardens and apple and pear trees) but we had the stickers. At any rate enjoy it while you can, life insurance largely goes away after 65.

Life insurance largely goes away after 65 ???

Yup. The price of term life insurance rises exponentially with the knee of that curve starting about 55. It is pretty much cost prohibitive after 65. Whole life insurance may not be a good investment, but it sticks with you as long as you live (albeit with a reduced benefit in later years).

This is not a problem however. The kids are done with school and on their own, and the house is paid for (hopefully), so no one is depending on our income after 65.

Sorry about the tangent off the thread.

There may be something to the excess grain scenario. This is wheat country and we have some of the largest grain elevators in the world around here.

They’'ve had to resort to building a few pens to hold it. Example. One pen is about 200 feet wide and a 1000 feet long. It’s bordered by a 4 foot tall metal wall with dozens of fans to exhaust moisture and the mother of all tarps thrown over it.
The wheat is piled roughly 75 feet high inside the pen; and that’s just one pen out of many.

The elevators simply have no storage capacity to hold it anymore.

Yep they are really in the commodity business. Holding and deciding when to sell based on price and maybe other issues like taxes. No sale, no profit, no tax. To bring it to vehicles, wife’s cousin converts semi tractors to large grain haulers in the winter months.

I remember a Chevy Suburban with every green bumper sticker imaginable passing everybody, probably going 90 mph or so, on Interstate 35 a few years back.
Perhaps he wasn’t clear on the concept?
I wonder if he turns up the AC at home so he can sleep under quilts in the middle of July.

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President Nixon was reputed to do something similar. He would crank the AC up at his San Clemente home so that he could have a roaring fire in the fireplace without getting too hot. Not a lot, of course. He was busy in DC.

Increased CO2 is definitely good for our crops in the northern hemisphere; stronger yields needing less water.

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A Suburban with 9 people in it is more efficient than a Prius with 2.

You can fit nine people in a Suburban? The GMC Yukon (same vehicle) in our fleet only holds six, because there are only two rows of seats.

Which pollutes more, a Suburban hauling four adults, or two Priuses hauling two adults in each?

A crusading liberal friend put a bumper sticker on my pickup and dared me to leave it. It never occurred to me that I should worry about it so it remained there and I forgot about it until a shop owner demanded that I move my truck away from the front of his business where I was legally parked to visit the business next door. I assured the business owner that the truck wouldn’t interfere with his business and went in the adjacent business. When I was leaving I saw the annoyed business owner pointing at the sticker as he spoke to two people. I excused myself and left without anyone making a scene but it became quite clear that many people have let political sentiment become far too critical in their lives.


The Yukon is smaller than a Suburban. The Yukon XL is the same size as a Suburban. The Tahoe is also a six seat truck; equivalent to the Yukon.

It isn’t. The Suburban is longer with an extra bench.

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I stand corrected, yet once again.