I saw a rather pointless bumper sticker today

Hey, guys!

I saw a bumper sticker on a truck. Actually it was on the back glass of the truck cap

It read “I hate oil companies”

This was a 2005 Chevy Silverado 1500 extended cab, give or take a year or two. In all probability a V8 under the hood. I guarantee you it was a gasoline engine

So the guy is cussing every time he fills up . . . ?

Perhaps the guy should put his money where his mouth is . . . drive a Nissan Leaf, for instance

Perhaps he should make sure to vote for people who are not in bed with the oil companies, for instance

Maybe he should buy a diesel powered truck, and convert it to run on WVO. That way he wouldn’t be dependent on them for fuel

But he still needs the oil companies, when it comes time to buy motor oil, I would imagine

In all fairness, maybe the guy uses the truck for work, and there is no fuel efficient vehicle that will get the job done. But I doubt it. It looked a little fancy, because he had the nice factory alloys and tinted windows all around, so therefore it almost certainly was not the base model with vinyl seats, lousy radio, rollup windows and manual locks.

It reminded me of people that wear T-shirts that read “I love my boyfriend” or “I love my girlfriend”

Okay . . . I would hope you do. But what’s the point? Is anybody better off by knowing this information?

Just shaking my head…

The roam among us, drive, breed and sometimes vote…

Hasn’t gas dropped below $2 per gallon in Cali? Ok, ok, I imagine it is probably about $2.25 in LA now, but that is way less than the $4 it used to be. That’s probably when he put the sticker on. He is just enjoying the afterglow now.

And besides, he is probably an lawyer or engineer that just enjoys sitting way up high on the 405.

The 405 . . .

When they widened it, I knew that it wouldn’t improve the situation even a little bit

All it did . . . and this was expected . . . was maintain. It just kept things from getting worse, for the time being.

Nobody actually believed the propaganda, that the expansion would shorten anybody’s commute

And the Caltrans website was a cruel joke. During the expansion, there were signs everywhere, telling you to check the website for entrance/exit ramp closures. I did that once, and it said my exit was open. No ifs ands or buts. But when I arrived at that point, it was closed. I never bothered to check the website again. Shame on them

@jtsanders Gas is now around $3 per Gallon in Cali. Apparently some refinery had to do maintenance work and what time better than the X-mas holidays.

As far as traffic around here, my 18 mile commute could be anywhere from 18 minutes to 1.5 hours.

Mustangman: You beat me to it. The clueless are breeding like rabbits and have the right to vote. It would be pointless to try and explain the contradiction of the Silverado driver’s bumper sticker to them because they are… CLUELESS!!! For example: I moved to my fairly small town in 2000. Shortly after my doorbell rang. It was a “Hippy Dippy” female wanting me to sign a petition sponsored by the Sierra Club to have the Alaska oil pipeline removed! I asked why she would walk past my 1991 Jeep Cherokee parked in my driveway and expect me to consider signing a Sierra Club petition. Clueless! I tried to explain that one of Sierra Club’s goal was to ban all off road driving. Clueless! When I asked why the Alaska pipeline which was our most effective way of cutting our dependence on foreign (OPEC) oil needs to go her answer was that it COULD disrupt caribou migration. The pipeline was 12 feet above ground and the migrating caribou had no problem walking under it. I knew it was pointless to tell her that due to overpopulation caribou in Alaska were considered giant rats with antlers. I did not sign and she went on to her next victim.

Comedian George Carlin once said that you could usually tell who’s been voting by taking a look at the election results. :smiley: Another one was along the lines of; think about how dumb the average person is, and realize, half of them are dumber than THAT.

if you guys don t like the People having the right to vote, perhaps you should move to china.

db4690: They did that here a few years ago with I-5 from 4 to 6 lanes. Adjusting the many overpasses cost hundreds of millions and caused much disruption. Would it not be more cost effective to spend tens of millions more to adjust the overpasses to accommodate 8 lanes?

Illinois called raising tolls a traffic reduction action. Sure instead of .75 vs $3.00 I will take the back roads.

Everyone should have the right to vote and that’s as it should be. However, a vote registration card is a dangerous weapon in the hands of a fair number of those voters.

Shut down all oil compannes on the spot effective January 1, 2016 and see how fast those bumper stickers and the hypocritical attitude behind them disappears…

I’ve mentioned it before but some lady around here who resembles a stereotypical burned out 60s hippie motors around in an old Subaru that smokes like a prairie fire.
The entire rear of the car is plastered from one side to the other with Greenpeace, Save the Whales, Save the Redwoods, Save the Earth, Hug A Tree, Sierra Club, Peace signs, Save The Cimarron, and countless other stickers.

If emissions inspections were mandated here she would be afoot or forced into a new car.

To reiterate Michelle Bachman, giving the poor the right to vote is like giving a robber a gun, now take the need a drivers license to vote, then close the dmv in democratic areas.


I forgot all about Michelle Bachman, until you mentioned her :tongue:

@db4900 Sat night, probably offending some, Via David Bromberg, jugband song makes me think of her for some reason, when I ask for water she brings me gasoline.

She’s got eyes like crystal water,
Lips like cherry wine,
A body like fine brandy,
And a soul like turpentine.

Barky, you should sign up for the Ipass transponder. It cuts the tolls about in half and you never have to stop. I’m in Minnesota and even I have one.

Of course @wesw is right. The real problem is the schools don’t teach critical thinking skills, and so many people vote based on dumb criteria; that guy reminds me of my grandson, I like her hair, m’daddy was a dem (or repub); m’grandaddy was a dem (or repub) so I’m a dem (or repub). And then there’s the one issue voters.

I’ve never missed a vote, even a primary, but these days its mainly out of respect for the people who died so I would have the right to vote. I wish I could give it up and tune it out. I notice the people around me who seem the happiest are the people who don’t follow politics AT ALL and never bother to vote, just sayin’.

Usually voting is easy, one candidate is so repulsive or corrupt that I have to vote for the other one by default. And, I never, EVER vote for anyone who is running unopposed, just on principle.

@Bing Yes I should probably sign up for he good deal transponder, but I am not in favor of every move being tracked, gps is turned off on smartphones, saves the battery but triangulation from cell towers still gives an accurate location for maps etc. Sure I hate the purchase card signups that track every purchase and send the info to a database for targeted ads, that is why I do not sign up.

Now onto fingerprint id, not recalling the exact quote but it was something similar to if people decide to provide information voluntarily there is not a problem.

Heck I read the agreements before accepting windows 10, basically we own the operating system and your ability to use your computer is up to us. Sure cautious to the nth degree, never trusted the internet as far as security, and with all the hacks going on why should you? Still waiting for recognition my security clearance data has not been swiped

With the government’s announcement Thursday that 21.5 million people were affected by a major hack of government systems containing security clearance information, we’re beginning to get a clearer picture of perhaps the most consequential cyber intrusion in U.S. government history.

Yes I was mission essential personnel living on base, another I know got a notification they had x amount of time with free credit protection, but unfortunately was hacked about a year ago and still dealing with repurcussions,

Favorite quote. I have nothing to hide I don’t care, Security analyst, then email me all your passwords, no responses yet.

@Barkydog : Amen to your most recent post. I could write a book about how much I hate those store tracking cards. Me being a Union member, its not “politically correct” for me to shop at Walmart, but I find myself doing most of my shopping there because its one of the last stores left where I can go there, pay cash, and that is the end of the transaction. Everyplace else, it seems, they want your name, address, phone number, email, SSN#. . . people are such sheep. The first store that tried that “loyalty card” crap, everybody should have boycotted them immediately and we could have nipped it in the bud. Now loyalty cards are everywhere, like herpes.

Everybody, think about what they’re doing to you, “We won’t save you any money today, but, IF you buy the items we want you to buy, in the order we tell you to buy them, you can earn whackybucks or plentypoints or krabbydollars or whatever, and MAYBE you can save some “money” on a future purchase, provided you meet all the terms and conditions of our loyalty program.” If you can’t save me any money NOW, I’m not interested. . .

I too, denied my phone “permission” to track me, now it punishes me every time I search for something like “nearest Krispy Kreme” it says, “Are you in San Francisco?” when it knows good and well I’m not anywhere near San Francisco.

I keep getting popups inviting me to download Windows10 for free “for a limited time”, but I won’t do it because I figure being Microsoft, it’ll probably be full of bugs and keep my older software from working properly.

If you’re sufficiently established that you won’t need to be borrowing money in the near future, its probably best to just freeze all your credit files.

If you shop at Kroger and a lot of other stores…you won’t be able to check out if you are computer illiterate. You have to answer a dozen questions if you pay with a credit/debit card. I’ve started carrying cash again to avoid the hassle.

@wesw Don’t confuse my comments with one who wants to restrict the right to vote. Far from it, I’d like the clueless to educate themselves before poking the chad, pushing the touchscreen or even driving their car for that matter (bringing it back to cars).