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Morally opposed to SUVs?

I drive a Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV. It has the 6 cylinder with 190 HP, weighs 4200 lbs and is 177" long.

The Honda Odyssey the caller is considering has 248 Hp, weighs 4400 lbs and is 203" long.

They both get an EPA combined mileage of 21 mpg.

It is hypocritical to be morally opposed to SUVs but drive an even larger minivan.

See the Prius thread. It’s all about IMAGE.

Yes, yes it is. And on top of that the Grand Cherokee offers superior trailer towing and off-road ability (granted at the expense of people-hauling capability) for the roughly the same operating costs. But hey it’s fashionable to bash the SUV.

I personally feel that you should trade that Jeep Grand Cherokee in for a Ford F-250 crew cab pickup truck. Now you will be able to tow a totally wind powered 30 ft sailing yacht to the lake and while on that yacht you can become the morally supperior being who looks down his long nose at people on Jet Skis.

Bumper Sticker:

“Draft SUV Drivers First”

I find that drafting 18 wheelers gives me a better boost in gas mileage than SUV’s do.

Morals And SUV Don’t Belong In The Same Sentence. Neither Do Morals And Cars. Morals Belongs In A Sentence With Domestic Partners Or Tree Huggers, That type Of Thing.


Wow, You Mean There’s A Moral Issue For Jet Skis ? I Guess I Won’t Be Too Concerned. Won’t My Ownership Of A Sailboat Cancel Out My Ownership Of My Sea-Doo ?

I live out here in the sticks on a 10,000 acre, pristine, remote lake. I don’t go in for these social problems, trust me.


Maybe, just as long as you don’t engage in that cruel sport of catching fish in that lake or hunting deer on that land. Afterall, you can buy meat at the supermarket.

Yes. A POX on those who would personally catch and kill an animal to eat it. Only meat and fish in a plastic wrapper is morally acceptable. Those untouchables will do the dirty deed. The Republicans won’t really expel them.

An Acquanitance Has A Bumper Sticker On His Full-Size P/U.
" There’s Room For All Of God’s Creatures . . .
. . . Right Next To The Mashed Potatoes.


“A POX on those who would personally catch and kill an animal to eat it.” I am so gullible, I almost believe you are serious. You would not be here if your ancestors practiced that philosophy, as they would have starved to death. Re SUV’s I used to share the hate, until I needed one. Now I can rationalize 23 mpg highway, compared to a lot of other cars that are not much better, and the bicycle I use, along with living 6 miles away from work. A smaller eco footprint than a lot of supposedly eco minded people.

I agree that it was hypocritical of that female caller to say that she is morally opposed to SUVs, while simultaneously considering the purchase of “mini” vans that are at least as large (and possibly larger) as compared to an SUV, and that are no more economical than an SUV.

However, think back to one of the woman’s other statements, namely that she really wanted to be able to drive her 3 little kids around in an old VW microbus because it “has soul”. Clearly, this woman is totally devoid of any awareness of the very vital issue of passenger protection in the event of a crash, and she is apparently also unaware of how the incredibly slow acceleration of those old VW vans make them unsafe when accelerating onto a highway.

Even the issue of reliability–which should be a major concern when transporting little children–is something that does not enter this woman’s mind. The caller is apparently someone who focuses only on image–in this case some kind of throw-back hippie image.

In light of her “reasoning” about the suitability of an old VW van for transporting little children, should anyone really be surprised if her thought process regarding SUVs is somewhat…skewed?

You all are making the mistake of looking at this as individuals. What’s good for ME…What I like…

But when you are importing 60% of your energy needs from people who hate you, we as a nation, must look at it somewhat differently…This cash hemorrhage, like our debt, can not be sustained…

An old VW hippie van? Talk about grandfathered pollution!!!

I admit to a guilty pleasure in blasting by Prius drivers in my V8-powered 300C…

Having owned a 67 Beetle and driven in microbuses, these are not vehicles I would want my kids in. Concerning the caller, you can’t fix stupid.

Ed B.

If you can contrieve a way to do it “for the children”, you can do it guilt free.

Yes. Some people have to justify their choices by belittling others, as if they are the only ones who can think for themselves. I wouldn’t waste my time listening to someone as silly as that.

What are you talking about? Did you even listen to what the caller said?