Maintenance schedule for Toyota Highlander

My owner’s manual has no maintenance schedule. It has a line telling me to get the Owner’s Manual Supplement.
It looks like I am supposed to go to the dealer and beg for this? Better yet hire them to do whatever maintenance they thing is needed? I have nothing to do with the dealer. From day 1 on they were a total incompetent disaster to deal with. I can’t fine any schedule on line. Any ideas how to find out what needs maintensce (it’s all wheel drive, that probably means SOMETHING needs maintenance. BTW, it has almost 60000 miles.


Tell us what year your car is and I’ll post the maintenance schedule

Go to the Toyota web site and click on the Owners button in the upper right side of the page. Now click on the Join now button on the left. After you join, you will have access to the maintenance schedule for your Highlander.

Besides @db4690’s generous suggestion, the Toyota web site can probably provide you with this info, but it might not be so simple to find there. I think you can download owner’s manuals and maintenance schedule there. And you might be able to find it by simply Googling “Toyota Highlander Maintenance Schedule”.

It sounds like you don’t like that dealer so much. If you don’t like the dealer you bought the car at, another dealer would likely help you with this. That’s another option. It’s a good idea to be on friendly terms with at least one dealership in the area I think. For parts and warranty repair.

One bit of advice: If you can still purchase the Toyota shop manual for this car, do so. It will have the maintenance schedule. Plus it will have all the maintenance and repair procedures that will ever be needed. I’m not suggesting you take up car repair for a hobby, but in the event your car develops problems in the years ahead – which it will – having this manual is very helpful even if you just let your inde mechanic use it as an aid to fix whatever’s broken. This expense will almost certainly save you money in the long run, esp if you plan to keep the car 10 years/150K or more.

In the original owner’s packet Toyota does give a separate maintenance brochure. If this is lost you won’t find the schedule in the owner’s manual. If you purchased the Toyota used the schedule brochure is lost. If you purchased it new, look through the other materials, like the tire warranty brochure, sometimes the maintenance schedule gets mixed in with the other useless stuff.

Just visit your local independent auto repair shop and ask them to print out recommended 60,000 mile maintenance for your car. Alldata, Mitchell On Demand, Shopkey, are information systems used by the aftermarket and they get their service info directly from the manufacturer. They’ll tell you what is recommended and give you a price for the service.

For most of Toyotas Awd, the maintenance schedule varies little from one model to another and should be easy to find. Otherwise, it is as @UncleTurbo says and you should have a manufacturers service manual included. Please, do what is suggested by others and have items done piecemeal without their so called dealer discribes 60k check ups. Do not use the dealer’s schedule ! Some items I have done more often but keep a record. When forced into a 60k check up as set up by a dealer, they over charge for checks they do regardless on any minor service. Many checks you should be doing yourself. I would purchase a shop repair/service manual as suggested as a general guildline and become familiar with your car’s systems. With one model to another, except in hybrid form, they vary little from Toyota.

The Toyota Maintenance manual, a separate document is for all models of that particular year. The one for my 2007 Corolla also mentions the service needs for the Avalon, Highlander, Camry, etc. So any Toyota maintenance manual for that year will do. You might even get one for free from a wrecking yard.

At you can put the model and year you can get the Warranty and Maintenance Guide.

I guess I’m paranoid, but jsanders advice to sign up on Toyota means they now have all my address details, etc. I don’t want this dealer contacting me. And I followed the “normal” route on the site to owner’s manuals and did not find the maintenance. I’ve got a feeling signing up will send me to the same place.

As to GeorgeSanJose suggestion about getting the repair manual. I used to follow this advice, but the only repair manual I find on Toyota site is a 5 volume set costing just under $1000. A bit of overkill. Chilton’s?

Hope I’m not too negative. I do appreciate the tips, and this is much more interesting than running around in circles at Toyota site.

I am registered at Toyota dot com. I searched for “Highlander” and was directed to another website that has this.

They sell manuals that include maintenance schedules for $29.95.

Let me know if the link worked for you.

You can get all the above mentioned documents (owners manual, maintenance guide) without registering. I go in there all the time without signing up at all.


I have put myself in charge of maintenance for my friend’s Rav-4, and I never provided any personal info on the website in order to peruse the Rav’s maintenance schedule on that site.

I can understand being cautious about revealing personal information, but I think that the OP might want to stock-up on aluminum foil if he/she really thinks that a Toyota dealer will do something dangerous to him/her as a result of looking at maintenance info on that website.

And I followed the “normal” route on the site to owner’s manuals and did not find the maintenance.

The Toyota/owner resources page is not working today. I keep getting a blank page for resources/manuals & warranty. Try later.


I already asked you for the year of your car

If you had answered me, I would already have posted the information you requested

You should not get too antsy over signing up on Toyota’s site. The worst that will happen is that you may get random emails over sales or service specials and so on.

The factory service manuals are a bit of overkill for basic maintenance and and the light duty DIYer. Please note that db4690 has graciously offered to provide a schedule if the year model is given.

I might just add that most cars meet the “severe service” schedule and Chiltons is a bit hit and miss as they are skimpy on information and have errors in their text about various procedures or specification numbers. They’re better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick I suppose… :slight_smile:

Our Independent Mechanic has been able to look up the Maintenance schedule for our cars, should be willing to provide a copy of what’s upcoming. Tends to stick to it exactly unlike some of the dealers.

2008 Highlander to answer db4690 (I’m original poster of this string)
As to going to and put the model and year in, I tried that and get a list of documents, none of which are relevant. I found an “owners manual supplements” pick, and it shows only the navigation manual.

Thanks again. Pretty unbelievable that this is harder than getting into Fort Knox. I followed someones posted link and only got lists of owner’s manuals. I will go ahead and register with Toyota and see what happens. To repeat, and apologize to db4960 for slow response, the year of the car is 2008

For Joe Guy,
I clicked on your “this” link, and got a page of owner’s manuals, no maintenance schedules.