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Maintenance questions

What type of maintenance should I perform on a '96 Jeep Cherokee with 170000 miles on it?

What does your oner’s manual say? If you don’t have one, the dealer can give you the address to get one. Or you can buy a Haynes manual and the mainteance will be a separtae section in the front.

Any vehicle with this mileage should:

  1. Need its 4th radator flush and cooling system service, replacing the coolant and checking all hoses and connections.

  2. If automatic, need its 5th fluid and filter change

  3. Be on its 3rd set of spark plugs

  4. Have the transfer case and differentials fluid changed for the 4th time.

  5. Need its 10th air filter

You get the picture. If none of these things have ever been done, the car is living on borrowed time.