Car Maintenance

I have a 2005 Chevy Malibue with only 13600 miles on it. So far, the only maintenance I have done is oil changes and tire rotation. If I ask the dealership I’m sure they will think of at least $300 worth of things I should be doing! Considering the age of the car and the milage, what else do all of you think I should be doing?

I think you should be reading your owner’s manual. There should be a big chart of what needs to be done at what mileage or age.

I think you should
(1) familiarize yourself with your owner’s manual. Particularly the maintenance schedule.
(2) find a reputable local owner-operated shop. Have them do the scheduled maintenance, detailing each item, and keep hte completed copy of the shop order in case you need to provide evidence that you’ve kept up the maintenance for warranty purposes.

NOTE: You DO NOT have to have your service done at the dealer’s to have your warranty honored, but you DO need to be able to provide proof that it’s been done.

Agree; at that mileage the following should at least have been done:

  1. Cooling system flush, replace coolant, check hoses
  2. Replace spark plugs, check ingnition system
  3. Change transmission fluid and filter
  4. Replace all drive belts

As GreasyJack says, read your owner’s manual; it will tell you exactly what is overdue.

Sorry Suzie, I thought you had 136,000 miles on the car oinstead of 13,600. Do as Jack says.

Sorry Susie; I thought you had 136,000 miles on the car instead of 13,600. As Jack says, read the manual.

I can only add that the owner's manual will often list miles or months for service.  It is which ever comes first.  In your case that is often going to be time not miles.  Also take a look a severe service, you may fall under that category.