89 cherokee

What do I have to look out for in a 1989 jeep cherokee ? It has had 2 owners, has been maintained, 6 cyl., and has 110000 miles on it.

The fact that it is a 2 owner 110K mile Jeep. Is itself something to look out for. “Has been maintained” (?) by who’s standards? Jeep? Either/both of the previous owners? Are there records to prove this? Sorry just too many things to look out for.

Both owners maintained the car- second owner got car from his nephew 9 years ago, has put on 15000 since he’s owned it. AC hasn’t worked for last year. Car has slight oil leak, don’t know if it’s head gasket.Does this narrow the question ?

The oil filter mount is notorious for leaking. Transmission service is critical just as oil and filter change. If the AC compressor fails it is best to replace the expansion valve and drier with the compressor. The cooling system on that model was somewhat prone to overheating at idle in hot (95*+) humid weather. If it is 4 wheel drive inspect the transfer case out put to the front axle for slack.