Jeep Cherokee Service

Hello all. My wife just bought out her lease on a 2014 jeep Cherokee latitude. She’s had it since it was new and the only thing she’s done is brakes and oil change. It has 38k miles. The engine does sound a bit rough. I guess we can refer to the owners manual for specifics on service but can anyone recommend anything regarding servicing or having the vehicle checked. We would like to keep this running good for as long as possible. Thanks

At 38K miles nothing should be wrong. If the check engine light is not on, the codes should at least be read to determine what the vehicle “thinks” might be wrong. Do the same if the CEL is on (and you should have told use that). You always start there.

Take it to AutoZone or comparable auto parts store that advertises that they read the codes for free. Post back the errors codes set (should be in the form P0XXX) and we’ll see what we can advise next.

Yeah, I can. Do what the manufacturer recommends in the service schedule.

The roughness could be as simple as a bad sparkplug or as problematic as a bad sensor. She may want to have a shop look at it. It should not be rough at 38K unless it’s been misused/abused. By the way, what’s it got for an engine? Is it an automatic?

Where else would you look for recommended service for your vehicle. Not sure but I think there was a 30000 mile service that you missed .

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If I ran my Corolla for 40K miles without routine engine servicing it would be running pretty rough by that point. Besides the oil and filter changes, I’d have changed the spark plugs and engine air filter at least once, and set the idle rpm and base timing 3 times. And I’d have changed the coolant once. Newer cars don’t need as frequent of servicing tho so check what the owner’s manual says for your Latitude.

page 644 tells oil change is monitored electronically, info cluster will tell to replace

page 646: spark plugs and coolant are not on the radar until 100K miles, air filter is on at 30K

Anybody else think it odd that info appears in the owner’s manual on pages 644-646? I’d guess the manufacturer would want the suggested maintenance intervals to appear in the front of the book, even on the inside front leaf, certainly no later than page 10. Either that or right at the back, in the reference section. I can see why the owner’s might not get to it.

I was not flipping 600 pages, George, it is an index to get there in seconds :slight_smile:
Besides, this is the same way as I observed it for Nissans and Subarus.

our '15 civic with 30k miles purrs like a kitten. i hope it does not fall on its face in the next 8k miles. we have 9 months and 6k miles left on lease. going to try and use it less. we had no mileage issues on our last several leases.