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2007 toyota hylander 90,000 maintenance

I have gotten a quote to do maintenance for $1193. this is from a repair place I have trusted and used in the past.
They are stating I need to replace the timing belt (280)including timing belt water pump tensioner and accessory drive belts, , oil change and filter, replace engine air filter,drain and refill transmission fluid, drain and refill case fluid, drain plug gasket, super coolant, reset maintenance indicator, and perform all inspection per manufacturer~~ total parts $ 453, labor $675

Can anyone tell me if all of this is absolutley necessary and if this price is average for the 90,000 maintenance.

Prices vary widely from one area to another so without knowing where you are it’s hard to tell. I’ve heard people here claim they can find a competent shop that charges $60/hour and I know of shops in the San Francisco area that are now $160/hour. But for where I am, around the Seattle area your price sounds pretty reasonable for the work offered.

Is it all absolutely necessary? No. Is it the smart thing to do? Yes.

In fact, if I remember correctly, some of these items may not be due for maintenance until 105,000 miles. But by doing the 90K and 105K simultaneously you’ll save a few bucks.

That price is in the ball park. I have a Toyota Sienna coming up on a timing belt, water pump, and tensioner replacement. The quote on that alone is about $900. Oil change and air filter is probably another $75. Transmission fluid change is typically $80, transfer case is another $80, and the coolant usually runs about $100. You can probably do better at a local mechanic but the price will not be much less.

If you plan to keep the car, go for it. It costs $800 or more just for the timing belt, water pump, and coolant near me.

All are a good idea. By ‘super coolant’, do you mean drain and replace the coolant? That would be needed. I would also have the brake fluid changed out.

When was the last time each of these was done?

By ‘super coolant’, do you mean drain and replace the coolant?

Toyotas used to use coolant. Then they came out with their Long-Life Coolant, which has now been superseded by “Super Long Life Coolant.”

I’m waiting for “super duper double secret long life coolant.”

And they are color coded like pink, red, dark pink. Too difficult for me to keep track of. Last time I had the dealer do the work. At $80 and not having to go to the recycling center to return coolant, it was worth it.

That is a fair price as said above. If the t-belt was to fail the repair for that is way more expensive as it can result in engine damage.