Maintenance intervals

2014 Toyota Avalon Hybrid, coming up on 83k miles. Mixed driving.

It’s time for an oil change. at 50k (27 months ago) it had a tranny fluid change, a brake fluid
flush and coolant change. Question is whether to do these three again now, or wait till next
summer. Also, it’s never had the power steering fluid replaced.

The answer should be in your owner’s manual.

Do you even have power steering fluid?

27 months since your last oil change? Isn’t that about 15 months too long? You are way overdue for an oil change.

What was done at 50k? Or it has been 50k since your last what? Trans fluid change? Time to do it again, in my opinion.

OK< to be really clear, note that I didn’t say anything at all about my last oil change.
I am not asking about that. To repeat once again what I did say about previous maintanence,
“at 50k (27 months ago) it had a tranny fluid change, a brake fluid
flush and coolant change.”. Does that help.

I always helps to read a post to which you are replying.

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Just as it helps to be patient with those you’re asking for free advice.

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I might let those three wait another 10k miles or so.

The way it was worded my first impression was also that it had been 27 months since an oil change.

thanks. 5k since the oil change.

Brake fluid should be done every three years unless your owners manual says different, so that should be good until your next oil change, not the one upcoming.

If the Toyota long life coolant or equivalent was used last coolant change, then it is good for five years. Otherwise next oil change when the brake fluid is done.

ATF, that is the subject for a lot of debate. Your car, your money, do what will let you sleep at night. Consensus is 30-50k interval but some maintenance manuals say it is never needed.

I like to change tranny fluid every 30k. That’s probably a bit ambitious, but it’s cheap insurance against transmission failure.

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Melott , Keith has just given you the best reply.

Go by what the manual says . I cant imagine any vehicle needing any of those 3 again at that mileage . Coolant normally lasts 100000-150000 miles . If you just had the braKe fluid and tranny fluid done 33000 miles , no it shouldnt need to be done again unless there is some special parameters around being a hybrid . Tranny fluid under normal driving is usually specified in most manuals at 100K . Your manual should spel this out. Dont spend big money where you don’t need to .

While some manuals might specify a 100k change interval for transmission fluid, I find that to be insane. That stuff’s pretty black by 50k, and now we’re supposed to drive it like that, and getting darker, for another 50? That’s stupid, but by the time the transmission fails from it the car will probably be more than 10 years old and the manufacturer won’t be blamed. Especially since there’s that pervasive urban legend that says changing transmission fluid wrecks transmissions.

Meanwhile the manufacturers dupe people into thinking their cars are “maintenance free” when they aren’t. Sure, you can skip maintenance, but you’re going to cut the longevity as a result.

First change at 50, then every 30.

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This is hybrid, it has quite different transmission with no clutches or gears.
50K is what the prior owner of my Prius did on transmission fluid, but strictly speaking it is 100K on the spec and it is for good reason, it is literally no transmission in these hybrids :slight_smile:

Here is the one for Gen1 and Gen2 hybrids:

On Gen3+ they added a second planetary gearset, but the principle is the same.
They call it “eCVT” and unfortunately is gets some black-eye from the “CVT” scare driven by Nissan and Subaru failures.

It is not literally no transmission. It is literally a transmission. It has a different design from a normal automatic, but there are still moving parts in it that rub against each other, and that creates both friction and particulates which circulate in the fluid.

Manufacturer recommendations for these things are all over the map, from 30k to more than 100k. As it’s unlikely the manufacturers are going to stop lying about the need for service intervals just because it’s not a standard automatic, it’s still cheap insurance to have the fluid changed at normal intervals.

And BTW, unless that Prius is being driven only on the highway in specific air temperature ranges, it’s being driven under the definition for “severe” service and that is the schedule that should be followed - another thing manufacturers try to distract owners from.

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That way overstates severe service. See “myth number 3”:

I do agree to you, @shadowfax that it still needs to be maintained, I find it extremely amusing how Toyota connected the parts together to completely avoid things like clutches and torque converters, yet provide an extremely wide range of “virtual gears”.
The actual schedule from Toyota is very muddy, you are supposed to “inspect” it every 30K miles, not a word on change, at least until 120K where spreadsheet ends.
Dealer recommends every 50K, just to be on the safe side.

You told us these things were changed at 50,000 miles and that was 27 months ago. Nowhere did you say how many miles you have gone in that 27 months. Perhaps you should read your own posts to make sure the info is all in there.

Toyota says the coolant in your 2014 Avalon is good for 10 yars or 150. 000 miles unless it has been changed and then it is good for only 5 years.

My 2012 Camry has electric steering, I imagine yours is the same, so no fluid to change.

Toyota claims transmission fluid is lifetime unless you get a light for it on your dash.

My owners manual does not mention brake fluid.

Most posters on here recommend tranny fluid change every 30 to 50 thousand miles and brake fluid every 3 years.

note that in the beginning it says I am coming up on 83k miles.

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As far as tranny fluid goes it must vary a lot by maker because in any modern car that I have had in the last 20 years or so at 100K change it is still clear and red .

I apologize, I am the one who should have read your post more carefully. I only have one good eye and it has made it harder to read. Once I got the year from the first line, I did not read the rest of that line.