1996 Toyota Avalon - Which fluids to change

Hi. I just took over my Mom’s 1996 Toyota Avalon that she had bought new a few years ago with 43,000 miles on it, now 60,000 miles. She had only put 2000 miles a year on it. Although I do regular oil changes and air filter and keep it maintained, it still has the original coolant, transmission, brake and power steering fluid, so some 23 years old now. I know these should be replaced as I am probably going to use it 3000-4000 miles a year as a second car now but could you please comment on which fluids or all that should be regularly changed as to do all the fluids would be a small fortune at this time. Thank you, Ed

Do them all. First on the list is brake fluid. Coolant next, transmission and then power steering.

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There is also a chance that the tires on this low mileage vehicle are old enough that they need to be replaced even with adequate tread.


The timing belt . . . !

Unless you have an invoice that it was replaced recently, assume it’s 23 years old


THAT right there is terrifying!