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50k maintainence

2014 Avalon Hybrid. Coming up to 50k miles.
Don’t believe the infinite miles claims.
Planning to drain and fill transmission, cooling systems,
flush brake fluid, do air filters second round.
Anything else recommended by the assembled masses?

I would follow what is recommended in your owners manual unless you want your dealer service dept. to empty your wallet. I went through all that many times with mine over the years. Turns out much of what they recommend is totally unnecessary and only pads their bottom line. A good independent mechanic will also tell you that.

Transmission drain, fill and filter change is a good idea. Don/t flush unless you have drained and filled beforehand. The flush then gets the rest of the old fluid out. Don’t take the car to AAMCO or other chain transmission shop; they may do it more damage than good.

We have a Corolla with 60,000 miles on it and (other than oil & filter changes) only the cooling system and the transmission have been serviced. This car does not have ABS and we still have the original brake fluid. With ABS I would flush the brake fluid every 50,000 miles.

Today’s cars need less maintenance since the fluids are far better quality, but transmission service is the most neglected item and results in the biggest repair expense.

The OP alreadt said thet don’t believe the forever claims so don’t advise them to read the owners manual which claims the transmission fluid will last the life of the car, and the coolant is good for 10 years. The only advice I have is that I would not touch the transmission fluid while the car is under warranty. On my 2012 Camry, Toyota has for some reason extended the warranty on the transmission to 10 years, 150, 000 miles. They do say it should be checked for leaks every 30,000. I emailed Toyota and asked them how I was supposed to check the transmission fluid every 30,000 miles when they had removed the dipstick and they replied that the check was a visual check for leaks only.