Maintaining the new car smell

I have a 2001 Saab that only has 33,000 miles. It still has it’s new car smell and I want to do everyting I can to maintain it. What are some good cleaning products that won’t leave behind an unwanted scent? So far I’ve just used a clean damp cloth to dust, but a friend spilled some coffee on the carpet and I’d like to get the stain out.

The local car store here sells a “new car” scent you spray inside the car. I once bought a smoker’s car and used it to get the final smell out. It’s also used by unscrupulous car dealers who pass rental cars with doctored odometers off as new.

I’m curious Doc, did it work well?

It worked great! The stuff I used is called Medo Auto Expressions “Fresh”. It’s made by Sopus Products, 609 Science Drive, Moorpark, CA 93021.

In Canada, I believe, Canadian Tire sells it.

The car smells really new, but if you have allergies, it’s best to get the vehicle fumigated properly. New Toyotas, because of all the recycled stuff in the upholstery, smell like dog poop. The solution for that is to park it in the gargae with all the windows open for the first month or so. Then use the new car spray.

Thanks for another reason to avoid Toyota

Thanks for the indight Doc.

You need to stop buying those plastic chew toys for your dog…

Thanks for the advice Doc. I’ll see if I can find it @ my local auto store. Someone also suggested a baking soda and water solution to clean the carpet that won’t leave a smell behind.

Baking soda is great stuff as well; my wife used to take a small box of it, puch holes in the top, and put it under the front seat. Just like baking soda absorbs odors from your fridge, it will do the same for your car. Scrubbing the carperts first is most effective.

We had a post about 6 months back from a woman who was so traumatized by the “new car smell” (they are called VOC’s) that she wanted to return the car,go figure.

I don’t know where I heard it but the new car smell is actually as you say voc’s (volitile organic compounds?)or something and not actually good for you.

I understand how some people get nauseated by the new car smell. All plastics will “outgas” for some time until the material stabilizes. The Russian Lada was made with cheap industrial grade plastics (like that used in our garbage cans) and smelled horrible for quite a while. I agree that this is not good for your health, and leaving the windows open in your garage is a good way to get the gas out quickly. It will also not deposit on your windshield that way.

Spray water and vacuum with a shop vac even if it is only for dry stuff. The water usually evaporates before it gets to the tank anyway. I cleaned cars once as a job. Now I know better. Dude used a few drops of coconut oil in his defroster vents to simulate new car smell.