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Interior Freshener

What air freshener product do you use in your car to keep it smelling fresh? I purchase older cars as a hobby and often get a car that has a stale, “old” smell in the interior. Any suggestions on products that have worked for you? Thanks!

Believe or not, what I would do every once in a while with an old car was to purchace a small bottle of Old Spice Cologne, push a shoe lace into it and set it in the car someplace where it would not turn over. It worked for me especially on fleet cars that everybody who smoked used them.

Others may advise that you use a scented fabric softener sheet designed for use in the clothes dryer. However, I want to caution you that this product is likely to cause severe asthmatic symptoms in people with respiratory problems. Other products may not be problematic, but for asthmatics. those scented fabric softener sheets are like poison.

My suggestion is to purchase Ozium air freshener, which comes in small aerosol containers. This product is actually used in mortuaries, so that gives you some idea of its ability to absorb and to mask unpleasant smells. However, despite its ability to absorb and to mask unpleasant odors, it is essentially non-toxic for those with respiratory problems.

Some car wash facilities sell Ozium. and some auto supply stores also sell it.
It is a very good product, and a little bit goes a long way.

First thing I would do (and have done in the past) is get a new box of Arm & Hammer baking soda, open the top wide, and place it so it will not spill. It does absorb odors well.

DO NOT use the liquid that clips onto the vents. If it spills it will eat into the plastic instrument panel and ruin it.

First thing to do is make sure the interior is spotless, including getting the seats and carpet cleaned. Once it dried out, I’ve used Febreze with some success.

I like no smells. I clean the car well, many times and always let the interior ventilate. It has worked for me.

I suggest ventilation or find where the odor is coming from and correct it there.

If it is tough, then an industrial ozone generator can kill most of them. An auto detailer or an outfit that does fire restoration work for homes can help out.