Problem w/ "NEW CAR SMELL" on 07 TOY SEQUOIA


Purchased new Toyota Sequoia SR5 w/ leather seats 1/07 in Chicago area. Car has rather strong “new car smell”, so much so that after 10 min. of driving, I get Headaches, trouble breathing, and just general discomfort. This happens with all windows down, while driving on the expressway. I have left car windows open on the driveway, aired car out any way you can think of and 8 months later the same thing happens. I have taken back to the dealer but they say that odor is normal and should fade after max. of 6 months. It hasn’t. The truck has 1500 miles on it because I get sick when I drive it. Has anybody ever heard of this before? Is it the leather seats or some new plastics they use in Toyotas ? My wife bought a new Caravan @ the same time which had a mild new car smell, but caused me no problem at all. It has cloth seats. What can I do. It seems like there is no data on the odors eminating from new cars and their effects on health. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Marcopolo


There are thousands of chemicals used in the production of the interior of an automobile. I would never buy a new car until the auto makers make real environmentally friendly cars. It is probably a specific chemical that is causing your reaction. It could be a chemical that you have been exposed to for some years that has built up in the fat tissues of your body and being in a small cabin surrounded by the ‘outgassing’ tips your limit over. it could be fire retardant used in the upholstery which is also in your mattress if you don’t own a ‘natural bed’. my advice is to accelarate the outgassing by calling a mold and mildew removal company and ask to rent one of their ozone machines and run the ozone generator in the car for 24 hours or so. you don’t want to run it too long cause it will start to break down rubber parts but i think it will make a difference. Also an essential oil difuser for the 12v socket while driving may help oxidise some of the vapors emitting from your toxic ride. Good luck! Always buy used! it sucks to be around outgassing.


Thanks for the insight. I am thinking of covering the leather seats or removing them to see if that helps. I may try the ozonator route. I have to do something


i have the same problem when riding on the school bus


Bye the way, what is an essential oil diffuser?