I have purchased a new car and it was previously owned my someone who smoked! We have tried everything to get the smell out. Does anyone have a suggestion? thanks


Try some pet odor remover. You’ll have to spray every fabric surface, including the headliner and the carpeting under the seats. Also, clean all the hard surfaces (windows, dash, etc.).


This would have been a good question before you bought the car.


Adding to the privious, buy a couple of boxes of baking soda for the fridge and place them in the car.


Airwick and Oust both have Tobacco neutralizing sprays, and there is a powder as well that you can buy. I don’t know if they work well, but they seem to sell really well at my grocery store, so I suspect they aren’t completely useless (we go through about a case or two a week, roughly.) I don’t think they are very expensive (maybe $3 per aerosol can) so it’s worth a shot. Especially if you shop in Perth, Ont.