Main wiring harness

I’ve been unable to locate a used wiring harness for my 1993 dodge dakota truck. 5.2 liter 2 wheel drive, automatic tranny with overdrive. Dodge does not provide this part no longer. This is the main wiring connector from the ECU to engine components. Is there a different avenue to take to fix my truck. Thank you

What happened to the old one? If the stealership can’t help you out, you may have to get a harness from a junkyard. Just make sure the donor truck is automatic w/ o/d and a 318, preferably 2wd. As for the year of the donor, this may be a little tricky. I’m not exactly sure what years are compatiable because in the early 90’s the magnum 318 was released. The dealership should provide some information on what year harnesses are compatable with your truck.

Try a search here. I fould a lot of harnesses.