Magnetic Bumper Sticker Removal


Last fall I put one of those magnetic signs on my car supporting my favorite football team. After a lousy season I went to remove it and it left a mark on my car! Not sure if it is a residue or damage to the clear coat. Has anyone had this happen? Does anyone know how I can remove or minimize the mark?

You might try washing, waxing, and buffing. It might buff out.

It might just be that the rest of the paint job has faded form the sun and the magnetic sign protected a small area from fading. If that is the case, just leave it off and hope the spot catches up with the rest of the paint job.

Is it the black rubber stuff? If so, you might try either WD-40 or Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover, followed by waxing and buffing. Good luck!

That’s Gonna Leave A Mark!

Cover the spot with a magnet from my favorite team or choice of President. The other thing you could do is to stop in at a Body (Collision) Shop where there will be a Professional Automobile Painter and they would probably be happy to look and explain what’s what.