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Bad magnets

What’s the best way to remove a stuck decal magnet from paint?

Maurice, Better Have A Professional Take A Look. Stop By A Reputable Auto Body / Collision Shop. Most Will Have Somebody Step Outside And Have A Look.

Well meaning people telling you to apply heat or chemicals may help you make a mess of your paint. Before trying anything, get it checked out by the pros.


It depends how it got stuck.

If it is some kind of adhesive, there used to be a product called “undo” that would let you remove stickers along with the adhesive. This stuff was so good, you could use it to remove a postage stamp and put the stamp on another envelope and it would stick. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any in a while. Alternatives like “Goo Gone” don’t work. They are really just for getting rid of the sticky mess after you remove a sticker or label.

Tell us more. How did a magnet get permanently affixed to your paint?

I’ve warned people before about putting magnetic signs on their cars and what it can do to the paint, but especially if it is not taken off regularly. Obviously the sun has softened the rubber backing so it is sticking to the paint. If you don’t want to go to a detail shop, then try a plastic putty knife to gently try to lift the edge, then use a good soap solution like dishwashing liquid to try and work it underneath. If you do get it off, you will likely have blisters underneath or at the very least it will need to be polished.