Magna has issues starting

1998 Mitubishi Magna I am now suspecting has an oil leak.

4-5 days ago noticed engine noise a bit louder than normal.

3 days ago noticed knocking sound in engine and car took longer than normal to start. Realised it might be oil related. I checked and it was bone dry. Put a moderate amount in as it was all I had. While driving the car now runs and sounds fine but I’ve had to continue driving it since then and each time it takes longer to start. Yesterday it took 1-2 minutes to start and today it won’t start at all. The battery isn’t dead and as I try to start engine I can hear a quiet whirring sound from engine.

Just wondering if anyone has any insights, I’m fairly car-illiterate and broke. Is it screwed? Thanks if anybody replies.

When you first started to hear any noises, you should have checked the oil then. Driving another 4-5 days low on oil may have destroyed the engine…or at least drastically shortened it’s life.

Did you ever buy more oil, or are you still running it on the little oil you had at the time???



I know I screwed up. At least I now have a first-hand understanding of the importance of regular oil checks.

I’ve filled it with oil but it hasn’t helped the starting issue.

My guess, bad compression, possibly from low oil. Suggest a compression test is next.

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