MAF Sensor is nit measuring air

I got p0102 code. So i changed the MAF sensor but it still reads nothing 0 g/s

The car runs rough at idle and shuts off

So what could be the issue.

ANY of these could be the issue but given your description, the last one seems likely

Potential causes for this trouble code may include:
Dirty or contaminated mass air flow sensor
Failed MAF sensor
Intake air leaks
MAF sensor electrical harness or wiring problem (open, shorted, frayed, poor connection, etc.)

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Maybe rodents have chewed through the wiring?

the Downstream O2 sensor Wires were cut off … i’m not sure how … but the look like they were pulled someway … could that effect the MAF wiring ?

and where can i find MAF Ground ?

i checked also the Fuse Box … and there was no Fuse in it for MAF !
so i don’t know why there isn’t one … and how it was working without one.

i googled other Malibu owners Fuse box and their fuse box also didn’t have any fuse in MAF place whereas the Diagram shows one

Try disconnecting the battery for at least 10 minutes to force the PCM to recognize and reprogram to the new MAF sensor.

This is the VERY first time you’ve even mentioned the car you are working on. No mention of additional codes for the O2 sensor, or any other issues with the car, let alone the mileage or even the year or what engine is in this so…

HOW could we possibly answer this? Chase the black wire from the MAF back wherever it goes is the best I can offer and put the fuse back in. No MAF power, no MAF signal!

Seems like this car has been hacked on by a you or a previous owner. Maybe the catalytic convertor is no longer in place, you say the downstream O2 sensor is not connected, or even there??

Sorry, can’t help you if you hold back all this info. Maybe it is time to take it to a professional mechanic, or scrap it.