MAF code after replacing it

P00097, P00F4, P0102, P2199
I put in a new MAF, got a new filter and reset the battery and I’m still getting the codes above. It’s been a month since I changed everything. I’ve moved on to looking more into a vacuum leak but don’t know where to look. I have a 2017 chevy silverado 1500

I am not surprised replacing the MAF did not solve your problem. The MAF wasn’t bad and the codes don’t identify a bad MAF. You also don’t have a vacuum problem.

All 4 codes are wiring problems. All the sensors in these 4 codes likley share the same harness so start chasing the harnesses back towards the engine computer. I’d guess younwill find a shorted or broken wire or a connector pin that has been pushed out of place. Good Luck, this won’t be easy to find.


Looks like this is just what you need.


Thanks for the info! That makes way more sense than the direction I was going to go!

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that pdf is perfect and I think I may already know exactly where the issue is because of the pictures! Thanks!

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