Replacement of MAF


I have a check engine light on for my 2002 Ford Windstar. Auto Zone said the two codes that the computer is giving out (0171 and 0174) say I need to replace my MAF. However with the exception of the light being on I have no indication that anything is wrong. No hesitation, I have good power and acceleration. The van has 115K miles. Any suggestions?


I had the same codes on my 97 Crown Vic. Try cleaning the sensor wires on your maf with contact cleaner. Did the trick for me. Good luck.


Those codes mean that both sides of the engine are too lean. Some of the possible causes (as stated by Auto Tap, scan tool company): dirty MAF; low fuel pressure (could be caused by a dirty fuel filter); vacuum leak ( a gap somewhere, or a disconnected/ cracked vacuum hose, a pcv valve, excessively open egr valve). Do a vacuum check on the engine. You’re looking for a vacuum of 17 to 21 inches hg (normal). Check fuel pressure AFTER changing the fuel filter and air filter. Pour a bottle of Techron Fuel Injector Cleaner into the gas tank.