Machined Rotors

I just got my rotors “machined” and a brake pad replacement at 33K on my 2008 Ford Escape Limited, and now my car vibrates above 65mph, at 75mph it is unbearable to drive. Will they break in or should I make Ford replace my rotors? I think they did a crappy job. My car drove so smoothly before; if I wanted a Jeep Wrangler I would have bought one!

A brake job should not make the car vibrate. Did they do anything else, like rotate the tires? This sounds more like a wheel balance problem.

Once you use the brakes two or three times, they’re broken in. This isn’t going to fix itself. I’d go back and have them check it out. Are you sure the wheels are tightened securely?

I agree with mcparadise. If you are feeling this vibration without the brakes being applied, then the problem is not with the brakes.

Whether you go back to the shop that did the brake job, or you go to another shop, I suggest that you have all 4 wheels dynamically balanced. That should take care of the problem. If not post back and we will try some other suggestions.

Thanks. I don’t think they rotated the tires, unless they swapped the front tires for each other and/or the back, because the front tires still have the brake crap on the rims. I eyeballed the rotors too, they look smooth. I will add that the car was originally in the shop for a transmission repair, and since the brakes needed it I had them do them also while it was there.

For the transmission issue they ended up having to rebuild the whole clutch system (it’s an automatic) because first and second gear were slipping, but I thought the vibration might be related to a bad job on the rotors or putting the wheels back on. The transmission seems smooth, and the engine quiet and smooth. The majority of the vibration is in the steering wheel, or especially if I am accelerating at a high speed I can feel it in the gas pedal, seat and wheel. The thing is it has seemed to work itself out 60-70 mph after some driving, but anything over that makes it shake and I am wondering if it would just work itself out, or if I call them what should I say (I want to sound good enough so they don’t rip me off! ha!).

Thanks for taking the time to answer, I appreciate it. I don’t know anything about “newer” cars.

I would tell them about this,they may want to take a look. if a serious problem developes later they may ask why you did not tell them sooner.