'97 Park Avenue High-Speed Vibration

I was getting a vibration when the brakes were applied because of warped brake rotors. I have replaced the rotors and that is corrected. Now, I am getting a vibration at 70+ mph without the brakes applied. Could the rotor installation cause that? The rotor installation instructions referred to a “non-reusable spindle nut”. I never removed one. One twist: I’m not sure if the car vibrated like that before because I never drove it that fast before. I just bought it. What else would cause a vibration to occur only at high speeds? Thanks… Mark

The first thing to do is just have the tires balanced.

I’d also mention - though this is not likely related - that hopefully you fully cleaned the hub surface where the rotors mount, and used the right torque all around on your lug nuts. If not you’ll probably end up with rotor problems again.

There is also a possibility that you have worn front end components (tie rods, ball joints…) that would produce that high speed vibration & possibly contribute to the braking vibrations. You may want to just bring it to a good alignment shop - have them balance the tires & align it - in the process all of the front end will get checked out.

I wondered about tires as well. I did not torque the lug nuts but a friend also mentioned that. Thanks cigroller! … Mark

Assuming balanced wheels have you had the alignment checked and ball joint and tie rods inspected? At 70 the vibe could also be due to worn control arm bushings. Drive slow until diagnosed. It all depends on vibration. how much? My MB c220 at 75 vibrates but the control is smooth with no problems. It is most likely a tire issue because the spindle nut just effects the wheel bearing lash and normally this is not changed by rotor work. Unbalanced rotors might cause a slight vibe but not enough to be worried about.

Before I do anything, I will have the tires balanced. I appreciate you taking the time to respond. Thanks… Mark