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69 camaro rs rear end bolts

I currently took off my rear end cover bolts to change the gasket because it was leaking well now that I have it off what would the torque specs for the 12 bolts to the rear end? Also do u know where I could find more torque specs such as lugnuts ex

A factory shop manual has this information. I believe the Haynes manuals also have this data. But, from my experience, I use the same torque technique for these bolts, oil pan bolts, transmission pan bolts, and spark plugs. Snug tight with a 3/8" ratchet. It should be around 10-15 foot pounds. You don’t want to over-torque the bolts, deforming the flange and gasket. That leads to more leaks.

As far as the lug nuts, are these factory rims or aftermarket alloys? It really makes a difference.

They are factory rims. And I have a manual but it doesn’t give that info

According to, about 80 foot pounds of torque on the lug nuts is common. But even they suggest you refer to the factory shop manual for the proper torque specs.

You could try looking in a Camaro forum. They probably have more people to help there.

If that rear end cover has been dimpled by over-tightening the bolts, you should carefully hammer out the deformed bolt-holes so the mating surface is FLAT…Place the cover on a flat surface and use a large drift between the hammer and the cover…

The torque spec for the cover to housing bolts is 35 ft-lb’s.


Don’t forget your local public library. They will probably have several repair and shop manuals for your car available for lending-out. Most give the bolt torque specs. Many libraries also offer on-line services which have shop manual information, easy to use. You can use this from home, but only library-card holders have access, not available over the internet for general use. “All-Data On-Line” is one of these a lot of libraries subscribe to. Ask the librarian to show you how to use it.

Alright got it on at 35 ft/lbs thanks for all the help