Lucid - new electric car coming

Same here, but add that damn rolling coal into the mix…

That’s intended to make themselves more noticeable and more obnoxious.
Freud, Adler, and Jung would all have had a field day with those insecure jerks.

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Oh, you mean Tanner Faust. In his defense, he needs that F350 to tow his racing cars around.

Not that it’s much better but his actually has a 1st Gen Ford F150 Raptor for his personal truck which is believe is mainly to haul his off road toys around. You only see his Porsche’s and the Golf R that he now drives in his social media.Foust-Raptor

He had an F350. Faust drove it in a Top Gear episode IIRC. A guy with his money can drive anything he wants, including all of the above and then some. He earned it.