Motor Trend's Car of the Year

Because they have picked so many mediocre–or worse–cars over the years, I don’t put much stock in their annual pick, but I still think this is interesting.

If they ever chose a vehicle that would be affordable to the masses I might be more impressed . The article says a lot of vehicle for the money . At those prices it had better be . Of course I am among those that gave up on Motor Trend years ago . Their socalled ’ Long Term Tests ’ hardly ever related to the real world .

If my memory serves me correctly, I think that they picked the Chevy Vega for this honor.
It was definitely affordable for the masses, even though its inevitable engine overhauls were not.

I’m older and love gas cars. I’m so cynical and against EV’s. Who can afford a 66K car that you have to charge like every few hundred miles?? If I need gas, my 16 gallon tank takes 5 minutes to fill and I get 500 miles on it. These cars go to 139K. The market/companies/govt has lost their minds. Most people can’t afford a 20K car payment and live paycheck to paycheck. Plus, if we all owned EV’s, we’d be burning gas, oil, nat. gas, uranium, tires, trash and anything that would burn to make the electricity to charge the batteries. Also, I heard that the moon is 99% lithium and we can get that element from there to make the batteries. It will just cost 1 billion dollars per pound to bring it back!!!

so it is not made of cheese? LOL


It may well be different in your neck of the woods, but in my area, the electric utility company has erected a solar panel on every one of their power poles, many corporations have installed huge arrays of solar panels on their acreage and/or their roofs, and a lot of homeowners have installed solar panels on their roofs. Additionally, wind-generated electricity is becoming much more prominent in my state.


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so it is not made of cheese? LOL
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D@E#m another myth busted.

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I get my copy of MT and spend about 30 minutes with it. Then it goes in the recycling bin. Haven’t seen much worthwhile in there for a long time. I’ve tried canceling but it just keeps coming and coming. I don’t even think I’ve been paying for it for the last year. They maybe think I’m a barber shop or something. It’s all focused on California.

So a $77K car I can’t actually buy wins MT COTY, Yeah, seems about right.

Engineering sounds impressive… and unavailable. JUST like any new Tesla… :roll_eyes:

I subscribed to Motor Trend for a long time, and enjoyed reading it.

Then in recent years, they went through several editors. Eventually they got one who was really pushing online content. They’d have an article in the printed magazine…and then refer me to a page on YouTube or elsewhere for more content.

I subscribe to the paper magazine because I don’t want to read stuff on a screen.

So I dropped my subscription several years ago, but I still get emails and “special offer” letters from them at home.

I think they give us the reasons in the article, but it crashed five times before I got half way though. Maybe Motor Trend should pay their ISP for better service. Anyway, it seems that the advances in the electric motor provides great power to weight and charging is faster. I suppose there’s other reasons, but none that I’m allowed to read. Motor Trend has awarded COTY based on aspirations before, so that is nothing new.

I dunno. There’s a Tesla store about 10 minutes from my house, they’re delivering new cars every day.

If “most” people can’t afford the payment on a $20k car, why do they seem to be able to afford alcohol, tobacco, tattoos, the latest Apple phone, etc.?


Tesla promised delivery of each and every new model at least a year before they actually were delivered at price at least $15k less than the actual sale price.

That is the Tesla way. Over promise and under deliver at a higher price point.

I’m not buying one, so it’s a moot point. A Hyundai EV, on the other hand, is looking good.

Some of Motor Trends picks included the Chevy Vega and the Renault. Their picks go hand-in-hand with what manufacturing spends the most advertising dollars in their mag.


Priorities, man. Priorities :grin:

I do have to agree with him about the car prices, though. I may never buy another new vehicle at this rate. I don’t want to “owe more than it’s worth”, or be “upside down”, so to speak, which is what’s going to happen to a lot of folks who take these extended payment terms to finance some of the more expensive vehicles. Paying for repairs on something you’re still making payments on would suck.

We have plenty on earth. It wasn’t named lithium for nothing.

Lithos, Greek word for stone.

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