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I got into the Mini-E Field Trial! But

…it’s a lousy $850/month lease for one year to field test their plug-in electric prototype. Which, given this economy, means I won’t be doing.

I was really excited to get a chance to drive one day in and day out to see how it is, but doesn’t it seem odd that I should be funding $10k of their R&D costs?


Sorry, I meant to post this in General Discussion, don’t know what happened.

Well, considering that’s a $100,000 car you’d be driving, it’s cheap! Honest, the cost/vehicle for these low-volume publicity makers is astronommical.

not sure how it works or which market youre in but are you in a position to find a replacement participant?


You must have thought it was a good idea when you signed up. What happened to change your mind?

$850 per month perhaps? That might do it.

I suggest you go ahead with the lease, if you can afford it. Why have you lost your enthusiasm? This is a golden opportunity.

Do you know how FEW people will get to drive these cars? You’ll be a celebrity everywhere you go. I say, “Go for it.”

Golden opportunity? My friend, I have a slightly different opinion. We’re already going to be paying for that research via the handouts. And then some.

I guess you didn’t read the promo information. That $850 figure was in there. I saw that and said, “forget it.” Mini can ask me to fund their research, but I don’t have to do it. That’s what a delete button is for on your e-mail program.