Lucid - new electric car coming

I was drifting through the channels on TV and came across a show about a new electric car that’s going to hit the market next year, Lucid. I missed most of it but it seemed to be saying the base car would have a 640 HP electric motor that is all-in-one (motor, transmission, differential, etc.) that weighs about 20% of the drivetrain BMW uses and has about 450 HP, is supposed to be the fastest charging EV in the world and is supposed to have an EPA estimated range of 517 miles from a full charge. It’s also supposed to have a configuration that uses 3 electric motors (1,900 HP?). This all sounds pretty amazing.

But when I looked at their website ( if you care) I noticed they are going to be introducing their cars in order by price, highest to lowest. Top model ($169,000.00) spring next year, next lowest model ($139,000.00 summer next year, next lowest model ($95,000.00 summer next year) and the lowest model ($80,000.00) in 2022. Wouldn’t they be better served by starting with the cheapest models first in order to maximize their ability to gain market share?

Anyway, it looks like a real cool car and now Tesla haters will have a new target for their ird.

No. Development costs of a startup car company are huge. Better to start at the top end.


It’s aimed more directly at the Porsche Taycan and the Tesla Model S and they’re rolling out the more expensive model’s first which is what Tesla and others have done at the start. You have to spend at least $140,000 to get the version with the best range. And you could probably have a Tesla or the Porsche in your garage fairly soon. Could be a real Tesla rival or not, they have a track record supplying batteries to Formula E but need to do a better job of making the actual cars than Tesla.

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I watched the reveal with great interest. The specifications are impressive and I wish them well, but I personally cannot get excited about a $150k vehicle that looks like a Buick.


Personally, I agree; I’d rather spend $75K on a new Corvette and have fun with the difference. But I will bet there will be an initial rush of whatever number of rich people who want to be at the “forefront” of a new “big thing”.



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Only the existing auto manufacturers (GM, Toyota, Ford…etc) has the capital to invest in making an affordable EV for the middle class. Tesla started at the high-end as a proof of concept to get investors. Then they started making more affordably priced models. I’m glad there’s competition. It’s great for consumers.


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I don’t know about you but I don’t know anyone who actually hates Teslas or the people who drive them. Hate is usually reserved for loud jacked up pickup trucks that “roll coal” as they cut you off in traffic and race through neighborhoods and school zones.
They are the “new Prius”, another car that we “loved to hate” more than we actually hated them.

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I don’t hate but I think the difference is the Tesla is quiet when they pass and cut you off. At least the one I encountered in Chicago was. But I just try to stay away from both.

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Where I live, Teslas are like Harleys, everywhere. The vast majority drive like they have nothing to prove, sort of the way Buick owners drive.

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There are also a fair number of Teslas in my area, and I have never observed any dangerous driving behaviors from any of the folks driving them. By contrast, many of the people piloting VWs and BMWs in my area are very aggressive on the road.

For the record, I don’t personally hate Teslas (I do have some bad feelings for Priuses and the way people around here drive them, but that’s another discussion). I based the comment on the comments I see attached to the dash camera videos I’ve been watching on You Tube.

Yea…same here. I see Tesla’s all the time on the road. The vast majority of aggressive drivers are the Luxury sports car owners (BMW, Acura, Lexus…etc…etc).

Jacked up, 4WD, full-size pickups seem to be the most aggressive drivers around here.

Yea we have those too. It’s funny…Seems the bigger the truck the smaller the driver. I’ve yet to see a driver in one of these rigs over 5’7" and weigh over 140lbs.

Lots of overcompensation going on…

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