Lube, Oil, Filter. $9.95!


The local GoodYear store sent out fliers advertising this and other specials. While I usually service my own vehicles, and my '91 W-250 Dodge was needing an oil change and tire rotation (also free) I decided to let them do it.

In the customer waiting area, they had posted a “bill of fare”

Good Lube-Oil, Filter, $9.95

Better Lube, Oil, Filter, $39.95

Best Lube, Oil, Filter, $59.95

When I got home I noticed none of the many zerk fittings had be touched.

Lube-oil, Filter is one thing…

Lube, Oil, Filter is something else…

If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

But I did get a 6qt Valvoline 10/30 (bulk) oil change, a NAPA oil filter and the tires rotated for $15, not bad…


I’m surprised that they didn’t put you car on the lift, look it over for a few minutes and call you in from the waiting room. Then the obviously concerned manager tells you that you need a new battery, struts and a shagulator. ( total $850 wheteher you really need them or not).


I get a new shagulator every time I have my oil changed. It is a routine replacement for a critical, high-wear item.


LOL, you can almost buy two quarts of good oil for $9.95.


Sounds almost as cheap as my Walmart oil changes/rotations I do just on my older cars.

Walmart is $13.95 for filter(Fram) and 5 qts SuperTech
The tire rotation comes in at $1.50/tire.

The most inefficient thing I have ever seen, they change the oil in one bay(no lift w/pit) and then move to another for rotation.

I guess its to keep you in store long as possible.