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Beat This! America, What A Country! Ten Buck Oil Change!

Money Saving Oil Change

I’ve mentioned before that the GM Dealer near me offers oil changes (no qppointment necessary) for $22.95, including oil and filter.

It almost isn’t worth DIY with this deal.

However, My son just went for an oil change in his Impala and their new lower price is:


There was no waiting and as usual, my son watched as they checked/topped off all fluids, even filling the w/washers. They checked and corrected pressure in all four tires. Brake pads are checked and wear noted on R.O.

Should he have wanted to wait, they’d have rotated the tires for free in the service department.

They are looking for service business in a down economy, but they’re not pushy and are very honest.

He went out the door for $10.59! (Includes $.60 Tax)


What car service or parts deals have you got in your neck of the woods?

Lets us know how they are checking brake pad thickness. If you don’t remove the wheel the quality of your conclusion is less,you could get fooled on some cars. If they had the wheels off rotate is nothing additional.

I am sure they were Master Techs and lead people doing the work right :slight_smile:

Was everyone limited to one type of oil (manufacture,viscosity,bulk delivery?)

Did all employees have to serve a apprenticeship at Jiffy Lube before they were considered for employment?

The same cavets apply to Dealership quickie lubes as all the other quickie lubes.IMHO

This Local Dealer Is In My Town Twenty Miles From Home.

[list]You’re correct about the brake pads. What they’re looking for is car ready to go metal-to-metal or already there. Remember, my son went just for an oil change, period. Some people would appreciate it.[/list]

[list]The oil change guys are competent, although not “Master Techs”. We have known the dealer personnel for decades, personally know the techs, and know that they are competent.[/list]

[list]The oil provided is Havoline conventional, 10w30, 5w30, 5w20, in drums visible to the public. They will provide special requests at a very reasonable additional cost. They stock various oils in quart bottles.[/list]

[list]Employees trained and did their apprenticeships with The Goodwrench folks, not Jiffy Lube. This is a small crew (3 guys) and we know them all (son went to school with two, etcetera).[/list]

[list]I am well aware of potential problems having a car’s oil changed by another individual. They don’t mind a bit if you stand right there and watch and they always re-check oil level and check for leaks when they are done. I have seen experienced mechanics who fail to do that! They are friendly and will give you a cup of coffee if you’d like.[/list]

This is a small town, modern dealership, well-trained techs, no employee turn-over, and they have always relied on repeat customers for both sales and service. They are well aware that they have all at stake if everything isn’t first-rate. Small town news travels fast, good news and bad news.

America, What A Country!

$24.95 here at my Ford dealer. 5 qts Motorcraft synthetic blend oil & Motorcraft or ACdelco filter. All brands accepted through front door.
NM state representative Lidio Rainaldi brings us his caddy, lexus, and jeep because, as he puts it, “this is the place.”

Ken, That’s A Great Deal And I’m Sure You Would Attest To It Being Far, Far Superior To The Risk One Takes Going To A Quicky Oil Change Circus.

The Purpose, Of Course, Is To Sell Additional Service And To Enhance Customer Relations, As Your Anecdote Illustrates.


I recently heard of this in our weekly DOC meeting. the owner fought doing this for a long time simply because it is a lost leader and a money loser. BUT, the idea is to get people in the door and upsell. There is nothing wrong with that! Now the owner of the dealership says all sales are way up. People like to know what is wrong with the car in a non pushy manner. This may not be the same dealership I heard about and I do not know if my dealership will go this way but if done right it works.

I Did Speak To A Car Salesman (My Choosing) The Last Time I Was There.

He was explaining to me how much money they were losing with each oil change. He acted like he couldn’t believe they were doing this.

However, consider how much is spent on indirect advertising and chalk this oil-change special up to direct advertising and it can make sense, dollars and cents.

These folks maintain a “good guys” reputation and come to think of it, I’ve purchased 2 used cars there over the years and I’d consider buying from them, again.


This kind of deal is called a ‘loss-leader’.

Yes, they’re losing money. But they get you to come through the door. They might sell a profitable repair or maintenance job. If not at least you’re more likely to come back there in the future it they treat you nice.

It’s actually one of the least obnoxious ways to advertise.

I look at it this way,the idea is to get a upsell no one disputs that. The problem I have is the people doing the upsells,are they qualified?

I have been dispatched cars that the lube staff have identified problems (what they thought was a problem) the job was sold to the customer and they dispacthed to me.

I take a look and see that a mistake has been made and now here we sit with a job that is not necessary already sold to the customer.

Am I to do the job sold or walk into the Advisors booth and start a big shouting match?

The rule is and should always stay,the mechanic thats going to do the work makes the diagnosis.

None of this “your cars running a little rough” so I up sell a F.I. cleaning and when that doesn’t fix it the problem is with me (and for free) because I did the F.I cleaning

You cant beat having a real mechanic look your car over while he is doing a oil change. Mind you my goal is to only sell what is necessary,with these loss leader type situations there is a “you will find something to upsell as I am losing money if this car gets out of here with just the oil change” and adding a fuel filter and a air filter to the ticket is just not enough.

Yep, the good ol’ loss-leader. Been in stores for decades. From grocery stores to phone service. Clothing stores to pet stores.

At the car dealer level it accomplishes something else.

It sets the customer’s habit and routine to just come here for everything, be it a flat repair, burned out bulb, a new starter, alternator, check engine light, paint job, or tires.

We are New Mexico’s oldest Ford dealer with good reason, and intend to stay that way. Stop in if your out this way.

Deals are popping up everywhere. People are putting off maintenance, many now learing to do it themselves, and shops are feeling the pinch.

The sad part is that many are trying to compensate for lost revenue by offering these “come-ons” and then scamming the takers. The hard part is distinguishing the honest shops trying to recoup lost revenues in an honest manner and those that are not. I guess that’s always been true, but perhaps now there are more of the scammers.