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Lower control arm/ front engine mount creaking

So I own a 2004 Mazda 3 and its a Canadian car that I believe was in an accident on the front passenger side of the car. I have recently replaced the bearing on the front passenger side (about a month ago) and I just got the lower control arms and front engine mount replaced. Due to money issues there was a large gap between the repairs but I have a truck for work so I just had it sitting for a while. The car now after getting the control arms and engine mount in has been making a strange creaking noise specifically when I first begin to accelerate in 1st and when I am coming to a stop. I’m not sure if this is due to insufficient lubrication or what but any input or suggestions are appreciated. Thanks

Some people make the mistake of tightening the hardware of suspension components with bushings while the vehicle is lifted. When in fact the vehicle should be at ride height when tightening this hardware.

Contact the people that installed the control arms and ask if this was done.


Thanks a lot for the reply I’m definitely going to get in contact with them