Lower ball joint rusted in place

Hey folks,

I went to remove my lower ball joint and I can’t seem to dislodge it from the control arm. I’m assuming this is rust and not a part that’s threaded as the new ball joint has no threading and neither does the old one when you look closely. I put a block underneath so the control arm doesn’t move when I try to work on it with the hammer but to no avail. Any tips here?


Could be press fitted…good luck! Could be easier to buy the whole control arm with the ball joint installed.


Ball joint press. They make them for a reason.
How were you going to install balljoint? Hammer?

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On-car ball joint press tools can be borrowed for free at many auto parts stores. Waaay better that beating the snot out of the old and new ball joints.

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Great, thanks!

Good point :slight_smile: I’m new so that’s why I’m here. I only picked up a separator to help me free the bolt from the assembly but it looks like I missed a step haha.

You did remove the cir-clip from the ball joint first?



I did, yes. That was a pain too haha. Had to spray some rust remover and get it started with a flathead and hammer to loosen it first.