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Low Transmission Fluid

My Honda dealership didn’t add enough transmission fluid when my Element got a 60,000 mile service. The next day when I was driving up a hill the transmission failed and I started to go down the hill backwards in traffic. When I took it in they admitted their error but now I am worried the transmission is permanently damaged. Should I be worried?


Certainly. Get all your documentation, and if the dealership isn’t forthcoming in a new transmission, find the contact information for the zone service rep.

Well, from the way you are explaining this it is possible some slight damage has occurred. What happened was when you started the hill the fluid which was too low fell away from the pickup screen in the filter. When this happens you lose hydraulic pressure and the clutch assy which is applied at that time, releases. If this is how it actually happened then you should be fine to keep driving it. Since the dealer admitted to their mistake, make sure you do keep all the paperwork filed away somewhere just in case something arises. I think you’ll be fine though.