Drove car while transmission oil was very low

Hi - I own a 2004 Honda Accord, yesterday I absent mindedly drove my car for about 2 miles while the transmission oil was very low; I did not realize that I had done this until the malfunction light came on. My question is did I permanently damage my car because of my stupidity?

How low is “very low”?

Refill it to the full mark on the trans dipstick, using only genuine Honda fluid.
Do NOT use a “universal for all imports” fluid.

Then, drive the car to an independent trans shop for evaluation. Maybe you will luck out since you drove only 2 miles.

If you take the car to AAMCO, Lee Myles, Cottman, or another chain operation, you will definitely be told that you need a new transmission, so I suggest that you go to an indy shop.

It only takes seconds to damage an automatic transmission due to low fluid levels.

At this point in time how did you discover this low fluid level? Someone else discover this after towing it in or what?

I noticed when the car would stop when I make a turn.
Very low transmission - In that it’s at the very end of the dip stick.

Odds are the transmission is damaged. If the remaining fluid is dark in color you can pretty much bet on it.

I’m in agreement with VDCdriver’s comments.

If the transmission pulled the car away from standstill and shifted through the gears with no slipping you may have gotten lucky. The damage is done when the fluid level is so low that air is drawn in to the pump. Don’t push your luck. Get the transmission serviced soon just to play it safe. I imagine you changed an axle shaft and lost some fluid. And overfilling is possibly more dangerous than under filling. Read the owners manual and check as instructed.

By your leave. I now see your post stating that the car “stopped when I make a turn.” Not good.