Low tire pressure warning light in Nissan Versa

My low tire pressure light warning light is on. i put air in the tires but the light didn’t go off. Does this mean that I put the wrong amount of psi in the tire or does it indicate a lingering problem? Is it supposed to go off when the right amount of air is put in the tire?

Did you check the actual tire pressure in each tire with a pressure gauge, preferably a dial type? Don’t trust the pressure gauge on the pump. Check the tires for any punctures, usually a nail in the tread.

Has a tire been replaced or the tires rotated recently? The TPMS (Tire Pressure Management System) may have to be reset/recalibrated. Check the owner’s manual for the procedure.

Ed B.

Some of these systems work by detecting the pressure difference between tires. You want to make sure that all of your tires have very similar tire pressure. Check the drivers door for a sticker that contains the recommended tire pressure for your car.

Does the TPMS monitor the pressure in the spare tire also?
If you don’t know the answer to this question, you need to read the relevant section of your Owner’s Manual.

If it does monitor the pressure of the spare, have you checked/adjusted the pressure in that tire?

These gimmicky systems have battery operated “transducers” or other sensors on each tire that can be very expensive to troubleshoot and repair. If you car is out of warranty, check your tires with a tire gauge once a month like the rest of us and ignore the light…Or get your wallet out and support your mechanic while he goes on a fishing expedition at your expense…

All this is covered in your manual. If you don’t happen to have one I found Owners Manuals for the 2007-2010 Versa here:

Thanks for all the posts – they are quite helpful. This is a rental car and now I am concerned that they are going to say that i caused a problem and try to collect repair costs from me. gulp!! Does the TMPS system keep a computer memory record of what is happening when? I am going to check the owner’s manual to read more on this…

Rental car??? This is NOT your problem.

I agree, but with all of the “you’re responsible for any damage/incident unless you buy our insurance” rhetoric, i am still concerned!

I guarantee that it was a problem before you picked it up. It’s a non issue for you. Just point out to them when you return it that it has this problem. They aren’t going to blame you for this. They are the ones responsible for the maintenance on the vehicle. Now if you crash it then your responsible.