Low speed shudder in steering(1-5 mph.)

140,000 miles.just replaced blown head gasket/timing belt.was recently hit in left front quarter panel-left front wheel.don’t know if these facts are related to problem.will shudder after braking to stop/slow speed-then turning wheel either direction.does both in or out of gear-forward or reverse.power steering fluid acually too full by a half inch.however i am in arizona,and was 90 degrees today when checked.just had allignment done when body work from accident was.after this the shuddering was much less noticable for one day;then right back to the shuddering!!shuddering only lasts for a sec.then fine till next slow/stop-turn.could this stump the chumps??any help would help with my sanity.thanks,biggyb.

The hit in the front wheel in my estimation is the source of the problem. Something is not correct and you will need a second opinion as it is, my opinion is that it is related to the accident. You need to call your insurance company and have them get on your side. It sounds liked something caused by the accident, and you need a good guy to figure it out.

thanks for suggestion,however-my car was parked-it’s their insurance.I told them about problem when i dropped it off.they said they would do an allignment.i said it wasn’t out of allignment,just check out the shudder.they gave it back without any mention of shudder problem.said they did allignment,and nothing was out of place.they did nothing to diagnose the shudder.they said they do the allignment to go over all components of steering and saw nothing wrong.am i getting screwed?

Call your agent, otherwise you are dealing with sharks that have no remorse.

First, definitely call your agent and get him/her involved and on your side. As waterboy said, don’t trust the other guy or his agent to do right by you.

It sounds as if your problem might be damage caused to the brakes on your left/front wheel, possibly caused in the accident. It could be damage that’s causing the brake caliper to operate incorrectly, not releasing when or as quickly as it should.