2017 Subaru BRZ - Vibrates

i was driving in the rain and as i was turning i started sliding. i hit the curb with my front driver side wheel. Didnt think anything of it until i noticed a slight vibration in the floorboard and steering wheel mainly while turning right and around 30+ mph. any ideas about what could be wrong?

Yes . you bent something and the only way to know is an in person inspection by a good body shop. It could also break and send you into a wall or another person. You should have full coverage insurance so either have this towed to a shop or drive it there by back roads as slow as you can go.
Also it sounds like time for new tires.


You might have damaged a wheel bearing, which could be dangerous. As VOLVO_V70 says, you need to have this car checked out as soon as possible.

When a friend of mine had a similar accident with his Rav-4, the first “fix” was to replace a bent lower control arm. A couple of months later, it became obvious that the wheel bearing also needed to be replaced.