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2011 Dodge Challenger - Shudders

My front brake system was redone w/ Power Stop Extreme Warrior rotors, calipers & pads at 80k miles. My car now has 142k miles on it & I just redid the back brakes the same way. This shuddering feel started happening about a month ago before I had my front tie rods replaced & the front end aligned. When I turn the steering wheel right or left, intermittently, I feel a shuddering feel. The steering wheel is not vibrating. There is no squealing or squeaking. Is this intermittent shudder feel a bad ball joint or wheel bearing?

If you don’t feel the shuddering in the steering wheel, where do you feel it?

Do you feel that shuddering when braking? Or when not braking, just turning?

It is unlikely to be a wheel bearing… they make an audible growl, not usually a shudder.
Bad ball joints would have been spotted at the tie rod change or alignment.

Have the tires been checked for strange wear or bulges? Have you hit any curbs lately?

Go back to the shop and let them deal with it.

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I feel the shuttering in the steering wheel only when I turn. My front tires were replaced February this year & aligned. The back ones last Sept. I did have wire showing & excess wear with a bulge on 1 front tire but don’t remember which one. I do have a small dent in one of my rear wheels, there when I bought the car in 2012. I did see abnormal wear with threads showing on inside on my back driver tire when we changed the back brake sys last weekend. But the ware marks still show I have more miles I could drive. So that’s bothersome. There is a drone like sound & if I let go of the steering wheel & brake, the steering wheel slightly wobbles.
Yes I have hit a few curbs, bad, during the decade I’ve owned it & the front end was wrecked in 2015. I want to say that’s when the tire wear issue started. I feel like there are a couple of things going on & with it having 142k miles I should probably have the tow, camber, universal joint & wheel bearings checked. I would love to get a complete set of good tires & wheels but only after this tire wear problem is resolved.

Based on that last post, there could be soooo many things bent I don’t want to post them all.

Wheels, hubs, suspension arms, frame and more.

Given the mileage on it, I’d be looking to trade to a newer car as soon as possible. Trade, not sell. Let the dealer deal.with it rather than stick an innocent with the problems.

I’d say you need a front end shop to go through the entire front suspension. You may need new wheels, too, if you’ve been hitting curbs.

If money is an issue, you could likely find used wheels at a junkyard.

I have a 2009 Challenger R/T, and it cost me about $1200 to have all new shocks, struts, ball joints, and sway bar bushings installed. Drove like a brand new car after that. :smile:


When you turn is it activating the ABS or traction control ??? Possible bad wheel sensor activating the stability control ? Just things to look for . When it shudders do you see any lights on the dash come on ?

Not activating ABS or traction control & nothing happening on dash lights. Thx for the suggestions.

That’s what I’m thinking too along with new wheels & tires.

Cindy , reading your posts my opinion is that you should just replace this vehicle that has had so many things happen to it that it may never stop costing money and having problems.

Could the steering thing be a red herring? What if it’s drive shaft u-joint / bearing shudder? Does it maybe happen only when you’re accelerating?

I really love my Challenger. Everything mechanical breaks some time or other. So I don’t mind getting it repaired. I did go back to the Dodge dealer & inquired about the alignment that was supposed to be done when they R/R the tie rods in July. They did not have a copy of the alignment paper! So I’m taking it back to them tomorrow to have them check it out, free of charge.

I’m not familiar with red herring & not happening when accelerating. I think the shudder I’m feeling in the steering wheel, only when I turn, is either the wheel bearings or power steering. Reason being, after turning off the air & radio, a rough grinding sound can be heard. Leaning more to wheel bearings since there’s no squealing sounds nor is it hard to turn & I think the camber is off.

I do have a bad air pressure sensor on front passenger side, have been waiting till I need tires to get it replaced. My tire shop told me it wouldn’t hurt anything else.

So I R/R both back tires with good tires, not cheap ones like had on there, a back rim, tension struts(front ball joints) & got an alignment. All my vibrations are gone. Pearl is driving like new again!