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Low rumbling front right tire when turning

So i just bought this used 2017 kia forte from the kia dealership about 1 week and 4 days ago, and im noticing when turning left and accelerating i feel a low rumbling (as if im driving on the street reflecting lights) coming from the front right tire. I brought it in to kia on Thursday the 7th and they couldnt replicate the problem and had me try to do it, and of course it didnt wanna do the noise i needed it to. I know im not crazy cause my girl said felt it as well. So now (sunday the 10th of January 2021) pulling out of my driveway (very slowly) i felt it again, this time turning both left and right (in the front passenger tire are) it’s happening again. What could be my issue?

cvc joint wheel bearing come to mind. See if you can replicate conditions and be able to replicate them at the shop. hopefully get it fixed under warranty

Low-pitched rumbling is a sign of a failing wheel bearing.


How hard is it to fix? Would it be worth it to just have them fix it or diy?

Depending on where you live, a 2017 shouldn’t have too much rust holding in the wheel bearing assembly so the job shouldn’t be too difficult. However, you need a proper diagnosis before throwing parts at it.

I do not know your car, you would have to research it, sure I used to replace and repack bearings on old cars, but special tools and equipment could be needed.