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Ball Joints?

I have a 2006 VW turbo diesel. About 2 weeks ago my husband had the oil changed and the wheel pressure checked. The left front tire needed air and was filled. Immediately after, I noticed a low grumbling sound from the left front of the car. I hear it when the car in going straight and when I am turning left it gets louder. The sound completely disappears when I turn right. I am not having any trouble steering nor does the car pull. I have checked the tire pressure and everything is OK. Is this a ball joint problem?

I would suspect a constant velocity (CV) joint. Take your car to an independent suspension specialist and let him check out the front end.

Thanks, I hadn’t thoughts about CV joints.

It’s a wheel bearing making noise. Have someone check the wheel bearing.

I lean towards wheel bearing since it makes noise while going straight. A CV could too, but they most commonly make noise when turning and not when going straight. I could be wrong, but I’d start at the wheel bearing. Unless you do it yourself, the mechanic will determine if it’s wheel bearing or CV.

Bearing and joint are both good choices.

If the noise is fairly constant and sounds a lot like a low pitched drone I’d also lean toward the wheel bearing.