Low Oil Pressure Warning Light flickering?

I did it today - Unfortunately the test was inconclusive as the light never malfunctioned with or without the oil pressure switch wired up.

The issue had gone away for a few weeks.

Then yesterday as I was driving it actually flashed with the right brightness. At the stop light, I turned off the engine. Then when I started the engine, it didn’t do it again at all - it might have had a very faint flickering for a short while. But this time, it said seat belt was not worn! So I opened the door and closed - so the automatic belt moved and put it on top of me again. That fixed the seat belt light.

The same generation had at least two/four others posted similar issues - one found the oil pressure was fine upon checking. Another had the prob for about 12 times - turning off the engine had the issue going away - he put 10k miles on it since the issue started. Another put 5k with this issue.

Is this ICU issue or a shorting? Why did the seat belt light came on despite I was wearing it?

Could this be caused by gas additive:

I did add this to gas tank - I still have not refilled it - used up 1/4 tank. I drove it 2x2 miles today - the light didn’t flicker or come on. Could it stabilize?

@Tester @Nevada_545
I saw youtube video talking about damage to the engine through overfilling oil. This is where the troubleshooting started.

  • approx 70miles after the oil change the prob started. Redoing the oil correctly did not fix the issue
  • now I have done over 80 miles since the oil re-do and the issue is gone, at least for now. Last time it happened was 2 weeks ago as you can see above - but this time the lights were bright red and flashing. I only turned off the engine at the lights.

Perhaps over filled oil likely caused it - or electronics or something else?

Why would you buy a no name additive from Amazon when you can get brand name stuff from Wally World for less money?

You know in law class the professor said that one of the main points of the class was to make us recognize when to get a lawyer and when one wasn’t needed. Same thing with mechanics. I really think it is time to get a manual oil pressure gauge on the thing to see what the actual reading is. Then you know if there is a problem or not or just the sending unit.

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Good point. Yes, bring it back immediately, if overfilled. Maybe have it towed. (Your insurance may have tow insurance included.) If actually overfilled, they need to do another oil change for starters (not just drain off a bit).

This car is new to you. Check the oil after the change and every day for a few. Always check oil when the car is on level ground and has been off for at least 10 minutes. This could be a simple over-fill, or a sign of other engine problems. Ask them to watch the drained oil for signs of water in the oil.

Other possibilities could be a faulty oil pressure sender, the oil bypass sticking partially open or actually low oil pressure (bearing wear?). As stated, have the oil pressure tested. I don’t know if the bypass is part of the engine, but if it’s going to stick, it usually happens after an oil change.

You car is 29 years old. With 3800 miles a year (average) I’d assume it’s been parked for some time. Odd little things happen if you store an older car. This might be the first of a chain.

You are fine with the gas additive… no harm, though maybe no good. It won’t cause an oil light unless you pour it into the crankcase.

Been checking the oil periodically - it looks pure on the dipstick now with 100miles after the 2nd oil change - though I tend to check right before starting the car.

That is wonderful news. There are no more oil lights, then? Did you have the oil pressure checked? It could still be a good idea, since the light usually flashes on when it’s close to being critical. If there are problems, the company might be held partially responsible.

Now that the sender is replaced, do I still need to check the oil pressure?

The shops I spoke with does not measure oil pressure.
I will have to find one that does.

Interesting. Shouldn’t be hard to locate one, if they do more
than oil changes and suspension work… and the dealer could hook
you up. I’m guessing no more than an hour’s labor.

Yep, no oil pressure at idle means time to do an engine swap. Might as well drive it until it dies. Also, put some 20w50 weight oil in it in the summer…might just make things okay for a while. If the car holds until winter put 10w40 in.

Seems like you didn’t read the thread before replying - thanks for suggesting 20w50 weight oil

If it was only a faulty sender, I’d say no. Didn’t you say it
was fixed by another oil change (remove the excess oil)? If so,
you drove the car quite a ways on marginal oil pressure. Myself,
I’d have it checked… but most people would prefer to not worry
about it.


All that does is wears the engine out FASTER!



Thanks I won’t

Exactly what does this mean? Did they replace the oil filter. All your issues could be caused by a defective oil filter and usually they show up suddenly right after an oil change, just as yours did. I wish I had seen this post earlier.

Edit: Even if they did replace the oil filter, it could still be the problem. If they get their oil filters by the box load, a whole box of filters could easily be defective, especially if they came from the lowest bidder. You might want to take a new oil filter from another source, i.e. a car parts store or even a wally world and have them install it and add one quart of oil. See if this solves the problem.

Drained and filled with new filter.
It took like 60-70 miles for the prob to start and then to stop (after the 2nd oil change)

Edit it did not happen night after the oil change. It also did not go away night after the 2nd oil change

So it’s fixed?

Agreed - if engine is fine don’t…if oil pressure was already a problem then it is certainly worth a shot. If pressure is good then by all means do not. But using an oil that will provide something more approaching appropriate oil pressure in a borderline smoked engine will increase, not decrease engine life. If it cant pump it (hence low oil pressure) then it can’t move it to the areas that need lubrication.