Low Oil Pressure Warning Light flickering?

Replace the oil pressure switch, and cross your fingers.


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I went to the shop and they have variation in the part - don’t know which is the correct oil pressure switch is?


And all of them say, “With Light”.


Yes indeed. O’Reilly Auto has about 3/4 - the guy argued saying they are all with light.

Did you ever think the vehicle was never offered with an oil pressure gauge?


They have hatch and VTec versions - they have likely came with an oil pressure gauge

Do you think that the light was designed to give different brightness much like gauge needle moves?

You had the car towed to a shop but didn’t have the oil pressure switch replaced? Seems like a waste of everybody’s time.

They were too busy - another trip or DIY. They might also not distracted due to the timing

I have never heard of such a setup. This symptom increases the likelihood that the oil pressure switch is flaky, IMO.

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Interesting find for part # 37240-PT0-014 :
Same part # by Acura fits my car (according to amazon):

Same part # by Honda does not fit my car (according to amazon):

The switch was replaced - problem remains (of course the faint light goes away when I start to drive the car).
There are similar posts but not the exact conditions.

Unsure what will fix the issue!

The next move would be to install an oil pressure test gauge in place of the pressure switch, and see what the actual oil pressure is.

But everything you’re describing points to a tired engine with worn out rod/main bearings.


I forgot to add this - “engine runs well” - I was told by the guy who actually installed the pressure switch. I have noticed too that engine is strong. Even with this light (of course it disappears when i started driving) it is strong.

Would it be possible that the sender unit is not grounding well - some people had this issue?

The sender is grounded when it’s screwed into the engine.

For now.


Could oil leak causing it while starting the car?

There is oil leak - I did not have to top it up (maybe because the guy put too much oil last time).

Unplug the oil pressure switch and run the engine, if the warning light still illuminates you have an instrument cluster problem.


@Nevada_545 Thanks
Did it ever happen in your experience?

Erroneous warning lights? Yes. But not this specific problem on an Acura. I an wondering if your alternator is over-charging the battery.

Would normal test on the alternator do the job?