Low Oil Pressure Warning Light flickering?

Yes it was fixed then (sorry about my wording) - what I meant to say was the prob started about 60 miles after the oil change (where they put 1 qt more oil). Roughly 60 miles after draining the prob went away - this is what I was trying to say.

Then this week my car was without battery for a day. With the new battery, the Oil Pressure warning light started flickering rapidly (very solid this time).

I assumed that it got reset with the batt out - while driving for about 4 miles, flickering stopped and became had faint red light. Then it seemed to have faded too.

What typically happens with one quart over is that it burns off down to the correct level and nothing more than that.
A bad sensor is not just grasping at straws. It is a likely possibility. Happened to me.
You should not be driving the car as you are so doing without having the actual pressure tested. This takes minutes for a mechanic. You can drive with a flickering light as long as it does go out but there is little point in postponing the news.
There is a pressure relief valve with could be clogged. There is always a weak oil pump and as the bearing clearances wear the resistance to the pressure is not there. That means a new engine.
If the flickering stopped it may have been dirt or it may return again. The answers is STILL go get a pressure test & quit farting around. (I am sure the boyz would bear me out on this.)

Could be low oil pressure at low rpm. You could get many more miles out of it, but it is probably time to start thinking of options.

The car battery was removed for a day - I understand that this reset electrical memory. Since the new batt connected, the original issues have returned except the check engine light is brighter than before.

Like the last time, will it take about 50 miles before the check engine light disappear?

@Barkydog - do you have any reason to believe that this is due to low rpm? I rarely take this car to freeway - typically 2-8 miles at no more than 40mph.