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Low idle RPM

I have a 2008 nissan versa (21k miles) that i bought new and the only service I’ve had done is the oil changes and tire rotations on schedule untill recently.

Im over due for an oil change and after checking its down by a quart and darker than coffee but my biggest concern is that starting last week its idleing at about 7-9 hundred versus normally at 11-13 hundred

im about to go in to get my overdue oil/filter change but if the oil caused the trouble i wonder if i need any other service to fix what the oil did

I would be tempted to call a dealer service dept and ask what the normal RPM at idle should be. 7-900 is pretty normal. 11-1300 is pretty high. So this seems strange.

The oil has nothing to do with it. But obviously you need to have it changed.

Maybe you should start by having the 15,000 mile service performed. I am pretty sure this car requires more than just oil changes and tire rotations.