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Why won't my car go over 2000 rpm's?

My car is Toyota Vista of 1995. I went to a mechanics to change my engine. I am sure that he didn’t changed the engine. He just serviced ( which is called over-oiling here) it. He thought that I know nothing about cars ( yes, I do :P) & would blieve whatever he says.

Problem is, my RPM indicator don’t pass 2000. my car runs smoothly & it don’t take time to rise from RPM 1000 to 2000. But when it reaches at 2000, it get fixed there. Where is the problem?

I drived on RPM 5000 in my previous engine. I don’t know what he did with it.

What can I do to fix it up?

first of all, how well does it run? Does it go forward at all speeds and run well?

no, it runs normally upto RPM 2000. den the acceleration rises up very slowly even though I push all of my accelerator ( but if I do push the full, it gives me a deeper sound sometimes, but acceleration remains same, I mean not satisfactory.

I can access to the full of my RPM meter pushing accelerator when it’s neutral mode.But all the problem is in D mode.

The reason the problem only exists in D is because in neutral there’s no load on the engine. Whatever has happened to the engine has dlpleated its power to a level where apparently the tranny is only feeling a low wmounto f power, as if you were only pressing the gas a little bit, and shfting at lower RPMs than it would if it were feeling the full power. In short, it thinks you’ve just barely pushed the pedal.

Without knowing what the mechanic did, it’s impossible to guess what might be causing your engine to be anemic. The best approach might be to check your fluid levels as diercted in your Owners’ Manual, and if they all look good go back and tell him what’s happening. It could be something as simple as a loose connector on a sensor. Post back with how you made out.